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Sneezing and runny nose during the global pandemic of the coronavirus causes great concern among others. However, it may turn out to be just a cold, acute respiratory infections or a spring allergy that has begun. In this publication, we will find out how to distinguish the symptoms of these diseases.

Flu and the common cold.
During quarantine 2020, perhaps the time to learn more about the invisible pathogens of many human diseases – viruses. Despite the fact that humanity has been confronted with them throughout its existence, some infections cannot be cured.
Already, psychologists are saying that in addition to mass panic and disruption of the usual rhythm of life, the reaction of the population to self-isolation will have mental consequences. We will show you how not to go crazy during the quarantine period.

Psychology and neurology.

Many people suffer from problems with the gastrointestinal tract without any abnormalities found in the tests or diagnostic results. This set of symptoms in medicine is called irritable bowel syndrome.

Hormonal drugs.
Hormones are chemicals that are naturally produced by the organs of the endocrine system: the pancreas, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands. The substances produced by these organs are distributed throughout the body through the bloodstream, coordinating almost all the functions and processes in the body. Hormones help regulate:
Metabolism and appetite;

Heart rate;

Sleep cycles Reproductive cycles and fertility;

Growth and development of children;

Mood and stress level;

Body temperature.
When the amount of hormones becomes too little or too much, a hormonal imbalance occurs. Its symptoms depend on in which glands the problem occurs, and even minimal changes can cause serious consequences for the whole organism. Each person experiences natural periods of hormonal fluctuations at one point or another in his life. But sometimes malfunctions in the endocrine system occur as a result of any diseases, certain bad habits, environmental factors or lifestyle. In this case, the use of hormonal drugs in the form of replacement therapy or treatment course is required.

Types and forms of release of hormonal drugs.

Treatment of endocrine disorders depends primarily on the organ in which the functional changes occurred. Therefore, depending on this, the following types of hormonal tablets are distinguished:
Sex hormones (estrogen, prgesterone, testosterone); Adrenal hormones (glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, androgens); Thyroid gland (thyroxine); Pancreas (insulin); Areas of the brain (pituitary, hypothalamus).
Hormones are produced not only in tablets, but also in a variety of forms. At the same time, female hormones are distinguished by a special variety. They can be found in the form of vaginal ointments, pessaries, plasters, intrauterine devices, rings and other devices, however, female sex hormones in tablets remain the most popular form of administration.

Mostly, injections produce growth hormones prescribed for stunted growth in children and insulin, which is necessary for serious pancreatic disorders.

By their origin, hormonal drugs are natural and synthetic. Natural ones are obtained from the corresponding glands of animals (pigs, cattle). However, most of this group of medicines consists of chemically synthesized substances, for example, thyroid hormones, levothyroxine.

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