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Levitra Soft – chewing preparation without side effects.
Pharmacy Indiapills offers an interesting novelty – generic Levitra software. It differs from the usual preparation with a sweet taste. Moreover, it can be consumed with alcohol and fatty foods. The side effects of this popular drug are maximally smoothened, while the force of action remains the same as if you took the usual Levitra.

Levitra software consists of the active substance Vardenafil.

It is taken about half an hour before the proposed act and is valid for 3-4 hours. This allows a man to show himself during one intimate encounter with the most profitable side. After orgasm, the action of this drug allows you to quickly recover for the second or third approach. The erection remains as strong as the first time. Undoubtedly, this will make a woman appreciate your masculine possibilities.

The drug is absolutely safe to use.

The only restriction is the use in conjunction with drugs based on nitrates or nitrites. Combine them with Levitra is PROHIBITED, as this can cause a sharp pressure jump.
With caution, the drug is used after a recent stroke or heart attack, with angina pectoris or ischemic heart disease. Here you need to consult a doctor before using Levitra.

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Levitra software is powerful.
The active substance is Vardenafil.
Dosage – 20 mg.
The siteĀ http://Vilitra.net action time is up to 4 hours.
The beginning of action – in 30-50 minutes.