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Vilitra Soft

You are well suited for levitra, but sometimes it takes an accelerated action?

Then you will like this drug. Generic Levitra Vilitra Soft – contains the same active substance as levitra, but has a different mechanism of getting into the blood.
Sublingual tablets with mint flavor quickly dissolve under the tongue and get into the blood through the oral mucosa much faster. This will allow you to take the drug immediately before the act. Well, with all the other advantages of Levitra, you are probably already familiar. Low probability of side effects, compatibility with alcohol, speed of action – this makes Levitra so attractive for millions of men.

Method of application: Dissolve the drug under the tongue for 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse.

The recommended dose is 1/2 tablet. The maximum daily dose is one tablet. The duration of the drug: up to 8 hours.

Compatible with alcohol.

Contraindications for use, recommendations for admission and a detailed description of the drug, read here.
Levitra software not only gives an excellent erection, but also makes the sensation much brighter. Are you ready to relive the most beautiful moments of youth? Then choose the desired number of tablets and click the “Add to cart.

Alexey is so talking about Generic Levitra Vilitra Soft.

I liked the rapid effect of these tablets.
Fresh reviews about Generic Levitra Vilitra Soft of our customers.
The product is good, but each tablet is a surprise: you do not know what half will work. Straight Alice, caterpillar and mushroom – bitten off one side of the pill and a beautiful erection, on the other – good, but not stone)) With a moderate amount of alcohol works normally, the effect lasts for me 8-10 hours, comes in 40-60 after taking . Convenient for sex on weekdays in the evenings. Of the side – only stuffiness of the nose, but easily eliminated by any drops.

I liked it very much!

I order only him.

Vilitra Soft 20mg became my favorite among generics for a number of advantages. 1st absence, at least, at me, pobochek. Well, easy stuffiness of the nose I think is not a pimple, but a symptom of the onset of the effect. The 2nd effect is excellent even with half a tablet. 3rd compatibility with alcohol and food, and they often precede sex I do not think I have one. I will make a reservation that under the sialis, having drunk 100gr of cognac, a leaden head for the morning is provided for me. Convenience-no need to wash down and quite quickly a long-lasting effect. For the sake of justice I will say and minus this drug.

This is not a very high-quality production of this Filitr Soft.

Has exhausted not less than a hundred of these wheels, in this I can judge objectively. The active substance is placed between the table. Not evenly – some are more concentrated some less, it is easy to determine the taste.
The onset time of the effect is therefore unstable from 15 min to 1 h from my experience.